Weyerhaeuser + Studio SC + Olivia Knapp

About one year ago Studio SC reaching out to me about doing a project for Weyerhaeuser's new headquarters in downtown Seattle. The project includes two huge murals, one in each interior stairwell of the building. With the help from two assistants, I finished the murals this week! The result are two life-size old growth evergreen trees.

Check out this article from SEGD about the project here

Photos coming soon!

Dark Inspiration II

I am so honored to be included in the new book Dark Inspiration II. In one week, the Hong Kong publisher viction:ary will release this exploration into the unknown and uncontrollable by featuring 50 artist from around the world. For more information visit... victionary.com

I am starting to experiment with portraiture. This self-portrait is the first portrait in my pen and ink style. The drawing is approximately 4" x 6". As you can see I used a .2 Copic. Copics have harder felt nibs compared to Micron; so they're sharper, but can split very easily. I notice that Copic nibs finer than a .3 tend to do this. I damaged this .2 about halfway through the drawing. Stay tuned for my next experiment using a thicker nib.

I stumbled across this little guy while I was rummaging through my flat files. This is one of three small drawings that I designed for E.Smith Mercantile's scrimshaw knife collection. The art was carved into knife handles made of antler and marble.


I did something out of the ordinary... I drew an elephant. When my agent, Alex Trimmer, from Folio Illustration told me that Grey London wanted to work with me on a campaign for WildAid I jumped at the opportunity to help. WildAid is making huge steps to make 2016 the year we stop the Ivory Trade. To find out how you can help go here.


I'll be embarking on a large mural project, HUGE actually, in late spring and summer. I am planning on hiring some assistants/apprentices! I am looking for tenacious individuals who have a steady hand, good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, and some drawing and/or painting experience. Applicants should live in the Seattle area or have access to lodging in Seattle for the duration of the project. If you or someone that you know is interested, email me at olivia[at]oliviaknapp[dot]com with the subject line "Assistant/ Apprentice". In the email, tell me a little bit about yourself and attach 4-8 examples of your work. CVs are not necessary. I am so EXCITED to take on this new venture with some badass partners in crime!

Prudential Building Mural, Days 2-9

I am currently creating a large mural, 7.5' x 40', in the lobby of the Prudential Building in downtown Seattle. The building owner and property management company commissioned this piece for the historic building in Pioneer Square, where I happen to live and work.

I'll start tackling this 40' x 7.5' wall in the lobby of the Prudential building, where I both live and work. Let the adventure begin!

I am not a big fan of oil based paints. The most important factor being that the toxicity makes me light headed. The slow drying process can get in the way too. When I work on interior murals I love spending a little extra money to get a high quality liquid acrylic with a super dense pigment content. It goes a long way and I rarely have to do a second coat.