When it's hot and you need sleeves to protect your paper when drawing; scissors and a pair of men's socks will do.

I highly recommend listening to these two podcasts while you work today. On Radiolab, Summer Ash shares the moment she began to anthropomorphize her heart. And, on Fresh Air- NPR, Henry Marsh dives into the complexities of the brain.

I just picked up "Peony" from my Framer; in preparation for my upcoming solo show, opening August 6th at Hellion Gallery.


Beautiful things can happen when your chintzy home printer fucks up.


I am working on the art for a new fabric print for Silvae. One year in the making starts now... Spring/Summer 2016 here we come!


I fill my days listening to a mashup of music, podcasts, and audiobooks while I draw. "Mastery" by Robert Greene is one of my favorites!

Tools... which include a 40 year old KOH-I-NOOR RAPIDOMATIC mechanical pencil and an 85 year old horse hair brush that my grandpa cleaned his garage with. Those bristles are now touching my finest white bristol.

I recently picked up one of my collaborations with Silvae, the Conway Jacket. I can't believe the print quality of this thing... these fine lines on cotton twill!!

They are now available for purchase here.


Lines, lines, so many lines... Lines that connect and lines that divide.